The Great Scandinavian Road Trip-Germany

I’ve had Norway on my list of places to visit for a long time. After a successful home exchange done a few years ago, I contacted Britt and asked if she would be interested in doing something like that. As a result she and her family spent some time at our place in Paris and offered a room at her place any time. Maurice wanted to see Norway too, especially the fiords, so we decided to go but not by plane, but by car. A couple of people said, “Are you crazy? Three to four weeks in a car with your husband?” but it sounded like fun so we decided to do it. We also didn’t make any reservations as we had no way of knowing how long it would take us to get from place to place and we wanted to be a bit spontaneous as we went. So off we set going through Belgium and into Germany. The first place we stopped at was a city right across the border in Germany called Aachen (on the Aa River). I had read about the cathedral so we went there.

This lady overlooked the square near the cathedral.

The cathedral.

The ceiling was incredible with mosaic artwork.

Notice that this statue of Mary and Jesus are dressed and wearing jewelry. Suppossedly, many prayers were answered from praying to her and gifts were given and sometimes worn I guess. I lit a candle here-couldn’t hurt.

Next to Cologne, an incredible city with the fantastic World Heritage Cathedral. What an interior!

Angels out front. Lots of mimes and magicians too.

Look at this scaffolding on one steeple. How would you like to work up there? I’m wondering if they were just doing structural work or if they were going to clean it.

We had coffee at a place across from the cathedral and enjoyed the unusual toilets. When you go in the doors of the stalls are clear and you wonder about privacy. Look the shape of the toilet-liked them.

Here’s what happened to the door when you locked it. Very cool.

On to Munster after a night in Cologne. I loved the architecture there. Almost all of it was reconstructed after WWII. They could have gone modern but stuck with the historic.

Another look at some of the buildings. The cathedral was covered in scaffolding so no photos of it.

There was a group of 200 or so men in front of the cathedral all in black with black top hats. We asked around and found out that they belonged to various societies of chimney sweeps. Who knew there would be enough chimney sweeps to have clubs? There must be a long history of tradition behind it.

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  1. Great photos and adventures. Who knew that you could discover toilet doors that darken and a chimney sweep club all in one post. Those chimney sweeps look a little hefty to clean chimneys.

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