The Great Scandanavian Road Trip-Denmark (and a little Germany)

We made a quick stop in a town called Lubeck, Germany. I wanted to look at the Cathedral.

You see this as you enter the old part of the city, an old gate.

There was an incredible astronomical clock in the cathedral, very intricate.

A photo of the damage done to the cathedral by British bombs during WWII. It’s incredible that they were able to rebuild it.

The bells fell from the steeple when the bombs hit and they left them as they were found on the floor underneath.

Then on to Denmark. We had hoped to stop somewhere before Copenhagen but just couldn’t find a hotel. There is no advertising on the highway and we tried our GPS a couple of times but the information was incorrect so we went all the way to Copenhagen and finally found a hotel, really tired. That’s the trouble with having no reservations.

We took a canal trip and went under some very low bridges. It’s nice to see a city from the water.

Love the architecture there. So many incredible buildings. There was also a whole lot of road work going on in the city making it difficult to drive around.

There were interesting courtyards around too.

The Little Mermaid in the harbor seen on our canal boat tour. The sculpter used his ballerina wife as his model. We could only see her from behind as she faced the shore. There must have been 200 people there on the shore taking photos.

6 thoughts to “The Great Scandanavian Road Trip-Denmark (and a little Germany)”

  1. That’s some clock! Those folks must have had better eyesight than me to be able read it. The Little Mermaid is quite lovely.

  2. Omg my parents lived there (in Lubeck) for awhile! Beautiful photos, beautiful reporting – as always.

  3. Beautiful pictures – love the courtyard. 🙂 I am enjoying your trip and look forward to seeing more pictures. 🙂 I really enjoy road trips (call me odd) there really is nothing like them.

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