The Great Scandanavian Road Trip-Sweden

After going through a long tunnel and half way across a long bridge we were in Sweden. We spent our first night in Vadstena where the nunnery was started by the Swedish nun who was to become Saint Birgitta. It was a charming village to walk around with a castle and a cathedral.

There were many lovely homes with beautiful gardens there.

I liked this little sign at a hotel that was once a monestary-wish they had had a room there.

The village was situated on a lake. It was raining for a while but when it stopped a pearly light arrived and the lake sort of glowed.

A carved wooden statue of Saint Birgitta in the cathedral.

Stockholm was next. I was here many years ago for one day and remembered being charmed by it. It’s still wonderful.

The cathedral has a huge statue of St. Stephen slaying a dragon. There was also a sumptuous area for the royal family to sit in during services with a giant golden crown overhead.

The princess waiting to be rescued from the dragon.

Guards standing on guard outside the palace. This one was a female.

Just some of the great architecture in the old part of the city.

Just one of many interesting windows I saw there.

8 thoughts to “The Great Scandanavian Road Trip-Sweden”

  1. All the photos are great but the first one looks like it came out of a magazine. What a pretty garden. I have not seen Hollyhocks for a long while. They are so old fashioned and lovely.

  2. I don’t feel the lure of visiting the northern countries. I feel like everything is tall and skinny, and a little pale. Thanks for the photos, which show that some of my preconceived notions are correct, but others are wrong. There’s plenty of beauty there.

  3. That circular sign is wonderful…I really like that!

    It appears to have been a warm day, judging by how the people in the plaza are dressed…at least by Swedish standards. I wonder if a Southern Californian would find shorts and sleeveless tops too chilly? I would never have guessed that guard is a woman! She is well disguised in the uniform and that helmet placed so low over her face.

  4. Thanks for much for including us in your road trip. Lovely photos, and that clear white northern light of summer, oh my.

  5. How pretty it is there! I’m enjoying this road-trip immensely. Annie spoke of the hollyhocks in the first photo. That brought to mind that the last thing I did before we drove away from your house in Vitrolles was to gather some hollyhock seeds from the bush by the driveway. Sadly, they never sprouted in my garden.

  6. The gardens and the lake are beautiful. Also really like the circular signage. What a fabulous trip. So fun to share through your postings.

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