The Great Scandanavian Road Trip-Sweden and Oslo

Before leaving Sweden for Norway we stopped in a small city for lunch and spent the night as well at another. They were both really nice. Orebro was the first.

There was this enormous rabbit statue. Maybe he was exhausted from Easter and never got back up.

There was a wedding going on there when we were leaving. I’m a sucker for wedding photos. When the bridge and groom came out of the church there was a band playing which then led a procession down the streets with the bride and groom following in a horse drawn carriage.

These little bridesmaids were the cutest.

On to Norway. We decided not to spend the night in Oslo but did get a look at the fabulous opera house there and made a stop at the museum housing some viking ships which were used to bury some dead with things they might need in the afterlife-like the Egyptians-and there were even the skeletens of six horses. Treasure had long since been taken. The ships are amazingly well preserved because they were buried in clay.

The ships were used at sea and had sails. They were drug ashore for funerals.

Another headon view.

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  1. Wow. You could have written three separate posts and I would have wanted to comment each time. The bunny is hilarious. I wonder if it’s from a famous children’s book or something, like the Little Mermaid statue is. The blonde bridesmaids in those white dresses — so adorable. And the Viking ships! We studied Vikings when the kids were homeschooled and I would love to take them to Norway to see those ships, even though they’re practically grown up now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The bridesmaids are so cute. Love the ships-always interesting. Can’t get the rabbit. Very tired!

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