The Great Scandanavian Road Trip-Norway 2

We saw so much in Norway and it’s hard to know just what to post about. I have a ton of photos and it’s so nice to have some people who want to look at them so I’m just going to keep going until I run out of material. On our way north to fjord country (even though we’d already seen one), we stopped at a little place called Skudeneshavn, called a “perfectly preserved village”. It was another charming village on the water and there wasn’t a weed or piece of trash to be seen and every building was freshly painted and usually had lovely flowers in pots in front of them.

Hard to beat a yellow flower in front of a white picket fence.

A little bridge over part of the harbor.

If I read Norwegian I could tell what the weather was going to be.

I just loved this view from a hill.

Up in a little park was this rock. They called it the Moon Rock. It looks a bit like the moon but it was thought to be a meteor that fell from the sky for years until a study was done by a geologist who said it was a rock like those found in Northern Norway and was probably bought down by ice. It was about 100,000 years old. I love stuff like this.

Next was Bergen, the gate to fjord country. It was a great city with fantastic architecture. It was the first time we ran into a lot of tourists. Norway isn’t packed with people like you would see in New York City or Paris. Most of the highways are just two lanes as there isn’t an enormous amount of traffic to be handled. It reminded me of my childhood being in the car with my parents going through each town as you drove along, not driving mindlessly along on giant freeways bypassing so many interesting things. There were, of course, times when you were stuck behind a truck or tractor but for the most part traffic flowed.

A look at the old section of Bergen made of wood as are most buildings in Norway, even the palace in Trondheim.

The view from the harbor as we left on a ferry.

Sogneffjord. While beautiful, it just wasn’t as dramatic as our first one. No smooth water or high cliffs, just green mountains. The boat moved much more quickly than our first one moving at such a fast clip that it was almost impossible to stand outside to take photos with feeling like you were in a wind tunnel. Even so, it took 5 1/2 hours to reach our destination.

We stopped several times at various places to pick up or let off passengers but I was really surprised when they stopped along side another boat to let passengers get on it to explore another area of the fiord.

Here are the two boats side by side.

6 thoughts to “The Great Scandanavian Road Trip-Norway 2”

  1. OMG I just heard the news that there was a bombing in Oslo, and thought how lucky it was that you’re not in Norway at this moment. Always a shock when things like this happen in such a peaceful country!

  2. thanks for the reminder about my “second home” in Stavanger. All of my grandfathers family is still there & I have 2 cousins the same age living in Stavanger- just like my sisters. We climbed to Pulpit rock last August- a similar kind of day at the start but the rain on the way down made it a bit scary. Oh that & the Norwegians who were older than me but kep passing me on the way up & down!!

  3. What lovely photos, Linda! My faves are the little peninsula of white houses with red roofs, the harbor from the ferry, the yellow flower and…well, I guess I love each of them. I’m horrified to learn of the bombings – it’s the antithesis to such a beautiful, serene country. Thankfully, you’re back home and Britt-Arnhild is safe. We live in difficult times.

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