The Great Scandinavian Road Trip-Norway 3

After reaching the end of the very large fjord, the Sognefjorden, we were in a small place that seemed to have been built recently for the ferries and the train leaving called Flam.

I had been expecting a charming town but there were just a few places to eat and some souvenir shops and a couple of hotels. We came very close to staying here overnight and I’m so glad we changed our plans.

The train stopped at this thunderous waterfall. A video of it is below.

The train stopped for five minutes at these waterfalls and music was played and some magical “fairies” in red came out behind a ruin. It was really cold and wet by the falls and I thought they must have been freezing.

The next day we went through what is called Fjaerland, the home of many glaciers. We even passed Europe’s largest ice cap at one point. After we got over the mountain we started descending and stopped at our hotel which turned out to have the best view ever:

This was from our room on the third floor. There was no elevator and the rooms were rather basic but, oh my, who cared with that view? We were in Geiranger right above the fjord.

The next morning I peeked through the curtains and saw this cruise ship coming into port. Look at that smooth water with the wake behind the boat. It was fabulous.

The next day we made a two hour detour to Alesund full of art deco buildings but I don’t think they compared to what I have seen in Paris.

The buildings were art deco in that they had plants on them, most of them painted.

The ferries were so efficient in Norway. We would come to a port wondering how long the wait would be and rarely had to wait more than five minutes, and usually arriving just as the ferry did.

Not horribly exciting but a look at boarding and leaving a ferry in Norway with the car. It was a wonderful experience, a break from driving and a chance to eat something. I became addicted to their hot dogs which you could top with a crunchy onion mixture. I saw these all over Norway.

3 thoughts to “The Great Scandinavian Road Trip-Norway 3”

  1. The videos are great…particularly the “fairy” dancers in red. Rather an interesting job to dance through the mist of a waterfall in a diaphanous red gown. It’s so beautiful there.

  2. The ‘fairy dancer’ must have been unexpected in what looks a very remote place – wonder what the hourly pay is, and do they supply thermal undies, ha! ha!

    Great videos Linda – love anything moving on water. That view from the room was so beautiful – looks like the trip was memorable in many ways.

    Hugs – Mary

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