It’s hard to believe at the violence that happened in Norway a week after we got home. Somehow it seems worse to me that it was one of their own who did all of the bombing and killing and that, at the bottom of it all, seemed to be anti-immigrant feelings, especially anti Muslim. What is shocking to me is that I have been told that some people in France agree with what this fanatic did. Can you believe that?
So with a heavy heart I’ll go ahead and post the last blog on our trip to Norway.

We finally made it to Trondheim where Britt-Arhild lives. What a lovely city it is, next to the ocean with a river winding through it, full of modern interesting shops. This is a bridge near the cathedral that I think must have once been a drawbridge.

The cathedral-I posted this photo because of the light shining on it. It was beautiful inside, though very dark. It’s the largest cathedral in Norway. As is the case with many cathedrals started centuries ago, it has many different areas built at different times.

Also near the cathedral is this old section of the city built up on the river. I liked walking around this area.

After our visit to Trondheim, we headed back down towards Oslo. On our way, we stopped in the old mining town of Røros (I had to copy and paste to get that line through the o). It’s a Unesco Heritage Site and was really nice to visit.

There was a pretty church there freshly painted inside in light blue.

This was where the pastor’s family sat. I don’t know if they closed the curtains or not. There were curtains where the poor and outcasts sat and I bet the curtains were closed so the wealthy church members didn’t have to look at them.

They mined copper here and some of the old homes of the miners remained with sod roofs. The sod was used to keep the birch bark in place to make it waterproof. It was probably good for preventing fires. I saw quite a few sod roofs around Norway. I think it has now become a “green” thing to do.

A big slag heap which is what is left of stone when the copper has been extracted.

A closeup of the sod roof.

We headed back to Oslo and spent the night and then took an overnight ferry to Germany, thus avoiding driving though Denmark.The boat was like a cruise boat, sort of a cross between Las Vegas and Disneyland, with live entertainment, shopping and many place to eat. By then we were getting tired of driving so it was great to save on some driving time. We spent the night in the outskirts of Cologne, Germany and by the next day were back in Paris. We really enjoyed our trip and just loved Norway. Someday we may return, maybe in the winter, so we can see those famous northern lights.