We Did It

We signed papers for a place on the beach. It’s in a little town south of la Rochelle called Chatelaillon Plage. We really like the town and the fact that we will be right on the beach makes it even better.

See that space between the two buildings? That’s where the building will be that will hold 16 apartments, ours along with them. It won’t be finished until sometime next summer and when we looked at the plot there was a hole being dug but work had stopped. There probably won’t be much work done in July and August either. It’s hard to wait but I think it will be worth it. So we sat through yet another meeting with the notaire where every point is covered, signed and initialed many papers and we now have to pick out tile and floors. It seems like we just did that.

There are hollyhocks blooming everywhere right now.

Of course we had moules et frites-so good.

When the tide goes out, it goes waaaay out leaving all sorts of sea creatures behind to be taken. This sign was showing what could be taken and what size they had to be. I guess some day I’ll be out there with a shovel and pail looking for clams.

12 thoughts to “We Did It”

  1. Congratulations! I will be waiting impatiently for your updates so that I see another part of Franch through your eyes! Loved all the updates about your home in Provence. What is the difference with the beach home and the other home? Is it because it will be located in a building with other units so you don’t have to deal with yardwork, etc.? Thanks for sharing your trip to Norway with us! I enjoyed the pictures. I have three websites that I go to daily. CNN.COM, PEOPLE.COM and LINDAMATHIEU.COM !!!!! HONESTLY! Cross my heart!

    Patti in Dallas, Texas, USA

  2. Yay! La Rochelle is great. Terrific history and old city there. That’s where my ancestor Cardinal Richlieu fought the Huguenots (also my ancestors). That’s also the place we recall that Spencer got in trouble when he was 4 because he kept switching rides on the carousel. I hope you make even more good memories there. Congratulations.

  3. Hollyhocks and moules et frites right on the beach…what more could you ask for? You’ll love living by the sea. I couldn’t be happier for you and Maurice. (and how much better having a shovel and pail looking for clams rather than looking for snails!)

  4. So I had to check it out on the map. Wow-gorgeous area on the Bay of Biscane…..looks very lovely. Hope that does NOT mean no more beach trips to So Cal….

    Congrats, Linda. A year to dream and plan….and figure how to decorate. Sweet!

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