There is never a lack of chocolate in Paris and you are able to find a chocolate shop in almost every neighborhood. I spotted this new place near the Odeon metro stop, a very well known chocolate maker.

The sign over the door.

There are bins of various chocolates and little silver shovels to load of bags-help yourself.

All of these colorful objects are made of chocolate.

Not chocolate, although one kind had chocolate chips in it. I bought one with pistachio nuts but the pastry is so loaded with sugar and butter that I didn’t taste the nut flavor. Still very, very tasty though.

Around the corner in the Cours St Andres is Un Dimanche A Paris, another new chocolate place known for its Sunday brunches. I took this photo upstairs-love the colors. So warm and inviting.

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  1. Paris and chocolate go well together. I saw some chocolate macarons at Trader Joe’s today…the first time ever. It was so tempting but I had to resist for health reasons…sigh! I have a couple of friends who would adore the chocolate shoe in your photo….

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