There were many passages, or galleries, in Paris at one time. Only a few remain. I’m am often in the Galleries Vivienne but if you carry on heading north you find others.

Lost in time, Passage Panoramas.

A colorful corner in a restaurant there.

The roof made of glass.

A section of the floor. I saw a special on TV about the galleries and they showed tunnels underneath the passages with storage units. You don’t even notice the glass here and there above the tunnels and in the floor unless a light is on like this.

Lots of stores selling stamps and old postcards.

5 thoughts to “Passages”

  1. Paris is like a magical place that creates new avenues and passages just when you think you are getting to know it. I love all the colors in these photos.

  2. Lovely pictures, and I especially like the magic of lights under the floor. Maybe that’s why Galleries Lafayette is so named?

  3. I just love walking around Paris and taking a walk up a little side street or into the passages, always something to see.

  4. We actually got to visit several of the passages on our trip. I think you suggested them. Wonderful memories.

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