This and That

A group of unrelated photos taken out and about in Paris:

Doesn’t this look yummy? I’m not a fan of orange marmalade but I was tempted.

When I first moved to Paris there was a skeleton grafitti on the sidewalk only in black. It faded through the years but I’m assuming the same artist came back to redo it using the grate on the sidewalk as the ribs.

Bread and Roses has opened a second store right up the street from Hermes. Everything coming out to the tables looked really tasty but the prices were really high. Twelve euros for ice tea! There were very stylish people there eating and I’m assuming they were wealthy and they didn’t even look at the prices.

Hermes always has such great windows. I loved the plates in blue and white.

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  1. I love when graffiti is clever. Why can’t it all be? I’ve never heard of bread & roses, but I’ll tell Grace to avoid it while she’s in Paris. She’s going to be on a student’s budget afterall.

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