A few photos having to do with eating in Paris:

I’ve heard this is a good place to eat although I’ve never tried it. I took the photo because I like the color they painted the exterior.

The interior. I always think cloth table clothes add so much to a meal.

The Garnier Opera House has a new restaurant. I loved the decoration and color. The prices seemed a little high which doesn’t surprise me. Looks like a good place to go after seeing a performance -usually ballet-there.

There’s a second story there and here is the view from up above.

5 thoughts to “Eat”

  1. I love the first restaurant. I would definitely wander in there and plop down. What color is that? Purple? Gray? I’m not crazy about the red chairs at the Garnier Opera House, but I’m sure the food is fabulous.

  2. Ooooh, I love that beautiful shade of purple used on the exterior of the first restaurant. I am kind of nuts about purple anyway.


  3. Both those restaurant interiors are beautiful, although so different. Agreed re the nicety of tablecloths. But at the first, I’d be inclined to order blueberry soup, I think. 🙂

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