The Marais

I love walking around the Marais. There are so many things to look at.

For instance there is this interesting chateau, now a library.

There’s the “secret” back entrance into the St Paul St Louis Church.

The top of the dome in St Paul St Louis-the sun is the symbol for King Louis who became a saint.

I’m not sure these are real orchades but I bet they are since they are outside. They were in two windows on a street in the Marais.

The boat is the symbol of Paris. This is my favorite one on a gate of the Carnavalet Museum.

7 thoughts to “The Marais”

  1. The Carnavalet is one of my favorite museums. I can spend hours there looking at the fascinating history of Paris. But then, I love all of the Marais.

  2. des petits gouldians d’Australie….mes oiseaux favoris! malheureusement, ce sont des mauvais parents, en captivité: ils ne nourrissent pas leurs petits…
    bonne journée et merci pour toutes les photos de Paris qui me manquent encore après toutes ces années.

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