Notre Dame

I’m often around Notre Dame and happy when I can take a different photo than I usually do.

Not the cathedral but some colorful birds seen at the bird market nearby Notre Dame. There is a bird market every Sunday by the metro exit.

A view of Notre Dame down the river a bit. You can see the end of Ile de la Cite. The window you see if part of the memorial to French victims sent to concentration camps during WWII.

A bridge further down the Seine.

A sculpture of Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris. It was done by the same artist that did the statue of Christ with his arms outstretched in Rio de Janiero.

4 thoughts to “Notre Dame”

  1. The statue of Genevieve is new to me but I see the resemblance in style to the Christ in Rio. Is this on Ile St. Louis?

  2. des petits gouldians d’Australie….mes oiseaux favoris! malheureusement, ce sont des mauvais parents, en captivité: ils ne nourrissent pas leurs petits…
    bonne journée et merci pour toutes les photos de Paris qui me manquent encore après toutes ces années.

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