Lovely Architecture

Paris is loaded with architecture that is stunning. I found this building just across the street of my daughter in law’s new place. It was once a well known house of prostitution.

Love this balcony.

A closeup of one of the ladies on the balcony.

And look at this! Some art deco flowers.

A little closer.

And look at this balcony! Incredible, huh?

4 thoughts to “Lovely Architecture”

  1. Love the architecture in Paris! The art deco garland looks like icing on a wedding cake. This looks like an interesting quartier. What arrondisesment is it?

    We just finished car week here in Pebble Beach, topped off with the Concours d’Elegance on Sunday. There were many fabulous cars from the art deco era with that same elegance and fine workmanship.

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