A Trip To Switzerland

I recently made a quick trip to Lugano, Switzerland where my son and his family lives and I saw some new areas.

We took a gondola up a mountain for the kids to do various rides and were sharing the mountains with cows which were so used to people that you could pet them if you wanted.

We visited Bellanzona with three castles and a lovely old section of town.

Loved this balcony with flowers.

We took an elevator up a mountain to visit one of the castles there.

The next day we drove up to this beautiful area with the double humped bridge which wasn’t Roman for a change but old nontheless.

Here it is from below. People actually jumped off of it. I’m not afraid of heights and didn’t have a bathing suit but I think the temperature of the water would have stopped me.

The water had worn an open tunnel into the rocks at several places which was very fun for the kids to play in. They spent hours getting rocks trying to make a dam.

A look at the clear water and a smooth rock.

A quick trip was also made to Como. We did a trip on a boat to look around. I was a bit disappointed in Lake Como not just because I didn’t spot George Clooney, but it was just so huge it was hard to see much. There were some beautiful places on the shore line. I’ll have to check it out again when I have more time.

7 thoughts to “A Trip To Switzerland”

  1. Everything in the pictures looks so fresh, like the air is very clear. Why I haven’t I ever seen that bridge before? It seems like it should be famous, unless it is a new bridge. Great photos. I bet you enjoyed spending time with those boys.

  2. I like that bridge, but if the water was cold, I wouldn’t have jumped either. We were south of Lake Como after stopping in Lago di Garda. I don’t know about Como, but the Garda lake is huge! Cute grandsons 🙂

  3. How very pretty! The bridge is interesting.

    We enjoyed the beauty of Lake Como some years ago and spent several days in the area.

    Glad you were able to spend some time with your family – the boys have grown a lot since the last photos I saw.

  4. Looks like a really fun place to visit with children…love the bridge! In fact, it’s all good. The water-worn natural channel reminds me of Slide Rock, in Oak Creek Canyon.

  5. Hard to believe that you could make a “quick trip” to Como from the Lugano area. We really wanted to get there last year, but ran out of time. Next time.

    The boys are getting sooo big. Love the photos.

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