Princess Crepes

There’s always something new in Paris. I just found out about this crepe place which is Japanese and dropped in to try one in the Marais neighborhood.

The exterior with a heart shaped window.

Just like at some Japanese restaurants, they have plastic models of some of the crepes made there.

The interior is like a little girl’s bedroom. Very sweet and pink.

I guess guys would venture in here if they could quickly leave.

One being made.

The finished product.

8 thoughts to “Princess Crepes”

  1. How are the crepes Japanese? I think the doll and the pink gingham curtains look a little creepy. The sample crepes look yummy though.

  2. Japanese girls love things like this. They are very much into Hello Kitty and all things ‘Kawaii’ or “cute”.
    I wonder if they do a lot of business. Are the crepes good?

  3. Our daughter spent time in Tokyo and found that the Japanese are very into everything French, along with child-like design. It’s an interesting cultural hybrid.

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