Interior Design

I don’t know much about interior design except that I’m not very good at it and that my daughter in law is-very good. She just moved into a new place and I took a few photos the last time I was there.

The entry hall-look at those great stained glass windows.

Not your usual lighting.

She’s starting to use some of that distressed look here and there.

Chair in her daughter’s room.

A corner in her bedroom.

The tile in her son’s bathroom-pacman ghost.

Her son has a shark model hanging from the ceiling of his bedroom.

And I loved this lamp.

8 thoughts to “Interior Design”

  1. This looks like a great apartment. I love the molding along the ceiling. You’re right. She seems to have a knack for putting things together. I wish I had that ability.

  2. How pretty – This style is very much la mode right now, very “Schmuck” (that place in the 6th) – Thanks for posting!

  3. Great apartment – the stained glass, the moldings – and I love the sconce. And to think that she also gets to look across the street and see that wonderful building with the garlands!

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