This and That

A few unrelated photos taken here and there in Paris.

This lady’s red dress really caught my eye in the green of Luxemburg Garden.

I was standing on a little side street waiting for someone when I happened to see this interesting sculpture on the building across the way. Art deco I’m thinking with flowers and leaves all over.

This is the first time I’ve also seen roots.

I think this was one of the bakers at Paul’s on Rue de Buci since he is dressed all in white. I thought his hat looked especially cool, not to mention that scarf just in case it got cool while he was outside having his cigarette.

8 thoughts to “This and That”

  1. That red dress is a glorious color, in the garden. From what I can see of the building with the bas relief of the tree, it is clearly Art Nouveau, an earlier design style than Art Deco. They are often confused, but Nouveau used many natural plant and floral motifs, with whiplash curves, while Deco was based primarily on more abstracted motifs and geometric patterns.The famous Parisian metro entrances, if any are still in place, were famed for their Nouveau design.

  2. Very cool building! The roots make it really special. I believe that Margaret is right: it’s Art Nouveau, as is the building across from your daughter-in-law. It has a more feminine quality than does Art Deco. I always think of Deco as the look of the 1930’s: streamlined trains and ships, the Chrysler Bldg. How lucky you are to be able to look up during your meanderings and see such interesting things…and how lucky we are that you share them with us.

  3. I love the fashion in the midst of unimportant moments — the mother in the park with her baby and an elegant red dress. The chef on break with his scarf. No wonder Paris is fabulous.

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