Cool Metro Stop

For a long time I thought that the Franklin D Roosevelt metro stop on line 1 was horrible. It looked dirty and often had wires hanging everywhere. I was really impressed the last time I got off the train there. They have really fixed it up.

Nice new shiny seats along with the name of the station in not one, but five languages.

Look at the tile in the ceiling and those fancy lights-almost like a night club.

A look across the tracks. I don’t know if you can tell, but automatic doors have been installed, something like on the newest line 14. They are converting line one into an automatic line (like 14) where there will be no conductor driving the train. I’ve already seen several automated trains come into the station with no passengers then drive on as they are doing testing as everything is converted. It’s not supposed to be ready until next Fall, 2012. I’m surprised there weren’t some sort of strikes from the drivers of the trains on this line.

8 thoughts to “Cool Metro Stop”

  1. That all looks very high tech. I’m glad they fixed up the station rather than leaving it with hanging wires. Automated and no drivers — you’re right. There should have been a strike of some kind.

  2. Hi Linda – catching up with all I missed of your travels and visits whilst I was in Calif. Loved the Swiss pics, those little boys are growing like bean sprouts! Your daughter-in-law has some great decor going on there!

    Hope all is well with you and Maurice. Bet you are enjoying Paris now the weather is heading toward Autumn. We survived Hurricane Irene with just tree debris in the garden, and a partial day sans power when a neighbor’s tree fell and took out the lines and transformer !

    Hugs – Mary

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