New Territory

New territory in a way. I don’t usually explore around the Champs Elysees area as I find it rather soulless, like a giant outdoor mall but I was in the middle section of the Champs the other day looking for a hotel-more on that to come-and saw some new to me places.

I had read about the new Abercrombie and Fitch store in Paris where they had live male models all over the place for the opening, but didn’t really know where it was until I came across all of these people in line waiting to get in. It’s inside those fancy gates. I’m trying to remember if I ever shopped in an A&F in the States or not. I might have a look inside the store here in Paris one day if I happen upon it and there is no line.

There’s lots of pretty buildings in the area. The President’s residence is across the Champs from here. It was once a very popular place to live. I thought this door looked very elegant.

An interesting looking church on a little side street a ways “inland” from the Champs. I would have gone inside but they were having a funeral.

8 thoughts to “New Territory”

  1. Oh lordy, don’t tell me they are strutting the hunky boys in Paris too? My niece and her friends stood in line in New York last month to get photos taken in the A&F store there, and we saw the lines when we were there as well. What do you put on your resume if you’re one of those boys, “A&F Street Model, let horny teenage girls and frustrated housewives grope me daily”?

  2. The A and F stores in the malls here pump their “scent” out into the mall. It is disgustingly overwhelming, air pollution for sure. But A and F seems to think that it does not have to obey any rules, as they have been highly criticized for their HR policies, low pay, and using what appear to be children in suggestive poses.

  3. Not much of a shopper, and last I knew A&F was a boring store where you bought things like safari jackets. So now they’re into teen porn? I really need to get out more.

    Looking forward to your report, Linda, on actually going into the store and groping the male models. 🙂

    Nice pictures of the buildings.

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