A Cool Hotel

la Maison Champs Elysees is a hotel that has been newly renovated. It is not far off the Champs Elysees on 8 rue Jean Goujon and I decided to check it out since I had recently read about the decoration done by a Belgian named Martin Margiela who uses trompe l’oeil effects making plain walls look like fabulous carved wooden door or lovely ceilings. A very nice door man showed me around a bit on the ground floor. I have to say up front that I am not a fan of this type of design, very spare and severe. I like color and cozy seating and soft lights but I’m sure this is loved by many people. (It’s sort of like the difference between a cool thin woman with blond hair done up in a chignon dressed in a white evening gown with perfect makeup and diamonds galore and a haughty expression on her face or a slightly over weight redhead, hair down and casual, friendly smile, dressed in a soft wool skirt and colorful top with necklaces of many hues. Which would you find more comfortable?) It’s located in what is called “The Golden Triangle”, a shopping area full of high end shops such as Channel and Louis Vuitton. I much prefer the 6th arrondissment which has that unique Parisian ambiance that most Americans love.

The front doors.

A side lobby. Does this look comfy to you? I didn’t like the bright lights or the coverings on the chairs, but then, no one asked me.

The ceiling which doesn’t have actually carvings but, as I said before, trompe l’oeil effects, which looked like blown up photographs to me.

The carpet on the floor designed like the ceiling.

The unique floor in the main lobby.

A very nice outdoor area for eating. You couldn’t hear any traffic noise at all.

Some sections of the wall that could be closed like door and looking like doors too.

7 thoughts to “A Cool Hotel”

  1. I can see why the decor made you uncomfortable- comfort seems not to have been a priority. The methods they used for the “fool the eye” effect are amusing, as well as the floor in the lobby which goes from an orderly, truffled marble floor to chaos. That should disturb the ocd people among us!
    This place certainly wouldn’t be my choice for a Parisian hotel.

  2. Linda, I loved your description of the two women. Then when I saw the picture of the lobby, saw what a perfect analogy it was! I like the redhead in the soft wool skirt.

  3. Trompe l’oeil can be warm and cozy, but this isn’t it. That picture of the side lobby looks like a high-end jewelry store. Give me casual and friendly with warm colors any time. Kudos to you for being brave enough just to enter the place.

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