Rodin Museum

Nearby Invalides is the Rodin Museum. You don’t have to pay to go inside if you don’t wish to, but can instead walk around the very nice garden and still see some of Rodin’s sculptures.

The first thing you see when entering the grounds is his sculpture of “The Thinker”.

Along with “The Kiss” which is inside the museum, I think The Thinker is one of his most well known pieces.

The museum is in what was once his home and studio.

As you can see, Invalides is nearby. My grandson was with me and told me that Napoleon’s tomb which is at Invalides, had an exterior of wood. I was sure this wasn’t true, so we went there next.

You are given a sticker when entering the Rodin Museum and people take them off when they leave and put them on various lamp posts and poles up and down the entire street.

2 thoughts to “Rodin Museum”

  1. I’ve never visited this museum but am putting it on my list. Was Napoleon’s tomb made of wood? I love that post with the stickers. It looks like art too.

  2. The Rodin is one of my favorite museums. I love the sticker decorations on the post.

    Did you take your grandson to the army museum at Invalides? Sounds boring but it is absolutely fascinating. (and he was correct about the tomb)

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