Invalides is a hospital for Veterans-and has been for centuries-which is also where Napoleon is buried.

The gilded roof of the chapel there. It wasn’t always gilded and many liked it better without the gold. It does stand out though and I am always asked what it is when visitors first spot it.

The inside is very striking and there are others buried there along with Napoleon.

Napoleon’s final resting place. As you can see, the exterior isn’t of wood. There are actually six coffins inside the ornate exterior, one inside the other made of iron, mahogany, two of lead, ebony, and the outer one is red porphyry.

5 thoughts to “Invalides”

  1. I guess Napoleon’s body would never escape all those coffins. I haven’t visited Les Invalides but my husband and son did. Now I see there’s a lot to look at there.

  2. For my first trips to Paris, the dome was still blackened. (as were many other buildings that now are clean) I remember well the first trip after the dome had been polished – or whatever they did – it was shining a brilliant gold. It had the same effect on me as when “The Wizard of Oz” wenr from black and white to color.

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