A Sunny Day in the Luxemburg Garden

The Luxemburg Garden are always beautiful but when the sun is out, it’s especially wonderful.

Taking a little rest in the sunshine.

Urns filled with flowers and statues-just a small part of all that is there.

A look at the Palace where the Senate meets. They also fund the work of the garden which is why it always looks so great.

A different perspective.

A small Statue of Liberty is there too.

6 thoughts to “A Sunny Day in the Luxemburg Garden”

  1. Of course these gardens have a special place in my heart… my husband and I had our first date there, and our first kiss took place right in front of the Senate! Oh la la…

  2. What fantastic memories….and the photos are gorgeous. Sunny weather NOT in sunny SoCAl. Several days now of overcast grey sky…….

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