A Nice Surprise

Place de Clichy is not my favorite area of Paris. It is really congested with traffic and pedestrians and I’ve just never really liked it but, the other day, a friend and I were looking for a shop a few blocks off of Place de Clichy and I found it to be a wonderful area full of shops and restaurants.

I loved this window for a shoe repair shop full of ancient tools.

There was a used clothing shop with this interesting stuffed ostrich. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. The shop itself had a lot of dressy clothing which looked mostly like mother of the bride dresses but from the 60’s.

A very international neighborhood.

I’m not sure what these plants are. I think some sort of fruit is inside the little “lanterns”. I always see them in the autumn and I love the bright color.

Some rather upscale grafitti.

In the other direction is a private gambling club.

Playing some music at the entry to the Montmartre cemetery.

4 thoughts to “A Nice Surprise”

  1. Those little orange ‘lantern’ fruits are actually peppers,tomatillos, peel away the petals and a little round pepper is inside. Not too spicy (if you don’t eat the seeds). I think the petals are dyed, ours here in CA are green.

  2. Hi Linda. We’ve always called this plant Japanese lanterns and use it to decorate in the fall. It is available at markets here in Toronto. Love the quirky shops you found. Do you recall the name of the street? Thanks!

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