This and That

Time for another group of unrelated photos except for the fact that they were all taken in Paris.

When we were at dinner the other night with friends, this old bottle of armagnac was pulled out. It’s really strong but I had a little anyway.

I just thought this window above a restaurant was pretty with the tin roof, the window and the flowers.

The famous bookstore. It’s really small and crowded and when there are a lot of people inside I don’t go in.

Three girls sitting in the sun on a staircase along the Seine, arranged rather artistically I thought.

Lovely iron work.

Seen on the door going into a unisex toilet.

5 thoughts to “This and That”

  1. Lovely photos as usual Linda, love the stair sitters, it always amused me to see lone people sitting reading along the Seine, given that Paris is the City of Love to see these ‘loners’ having a quiet moment intrigued me.

  2. I wonder if the armagnac was always old, since that what they named it. I agree that the photo on the stairs is artistic, as if they had been placed there rather than randomly sat.

  3. That’s the best toilet art I’ve seen. What a hoot! Another I liked was in Beijing, where I saw a shiny stainless steel sign that said, “5 star toilet.”

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