Sainte Chapelle

I’ve been to Sainte Chapelle several times now. It was built by King Louis the 9th to house the crown of thorns that he bought back from the Crusades in the middle east. It’s now kept at Notre Dame but the Chapelle remains.

The lower chapel where you enter the building. This was were the commoners were allowed. Lovely but no stained glass.

Here’s some of the famous blue stained glass found upstairs. The gold structure was where the crown of thorns was kept I believe.

These two guys are on a door upstairs. I always wonder if they were involved with the building of Sainte Chapelle.

This lady was taking a photo there with her Ipad.

There’s a lot of damage done there but this one remains. I liked the angels.

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  1. I love the Sainte Chapelle. My husband and I went to a concert there once (in the lower section) that was all candlelit. Upstairs, I feel like I’m healing when I stand in the blue light of those windows. Thanks for sharing some great photos. I love the details of the little men.

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