Wall of Peace

I usually look at the Eiffel Tower from Trocodero but the other day I went to the other end of the Champ de Mars for a look. They have an artistic display there called the Wall of Peace with a lovely look at the tower.

The glass walls say peace in a number of languages.

Another view.

180 degrees in the other direction is the Ecole Militaire.

This looks like a wedding dress to me. I don’t know why she was sitting on a bench with black shoes talking to these people. Maybe she was there for some photos in her dress.

As I was leaving I saw this car nearby. I’m always surprised to see cars like this in France.

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  1. Hello Linda .. my first ever view of the Eiffel tower was from the Trocadero .. but one evening I went out for dinner with my friend Barbara and her husband and we went this route too … and saw the Wall of Peace…. I must see if I have any good photos.

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