Rue St Honore

The rue St Honore, lined with posh shops, restaurants and hotels is a street I’m not on very often but this last time I wandered there I found some interesting things.

How about these shoes? You don’t see shoes like this very often. I don’t wear heels anymore in any case.

Place Vendome is nearby-always spectacular.

Light on buildings always captures my attention.

Aren’t the red tables and chairs on the sidewalk great?

I rather like these shoes with the “jewels” on the toes. Every once in a while I wonder about my taste-or lack of it.

5 thoughts to “Rue St Honore”

  1. I dont think I could pull off “joke” high heels. And I’m not going for jeweled tennis shoes either. I would be perfectly willing to sit at the red table and chairs though.

  2. Maybe the expression on those high heels is what your feet would feel like after you walked around city streets in them. Love the bling-y tennis pumps, though. I’m with Paulita — the red table and chairs look quite inviting.

  3. You certainly found some highly unusual shoes! Both pairs would be conversation starters, no doubt about it! I’m having fun imaging what the rest of the outfit would look like to go with each pair.

  4. I love BLING, so I love those sneakers.

    I just bought my new grand-daughter a pale blue dress with sequins on it. Believe it or not, it is VERY tasteful.

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