Maille Mustard Again

Whenever I’m near the Maille Mustard Boutique I go in. All that they do with mustard fascinates me.

A classy exterior.

Someone in their marketing department had the great idea of making aprons, towels and oven mitts with the Maille name on them. That’s new since the last time I was there.

You can get mustard decanted into special pots-white wine or chablis mustard. It tastes really good.

I saw this poster on the wall and when I took the photo the girl working there told my friend and I how good this flavor of mustard was on toasted bread. She was right. It makes a great hors d’ouvre. My friend and I got the last two jars.

3 thoughts to “Maille Mustard Again”

  1. I love the idea of mustard in those little pots. I’d like to try some of those flavors too. Pretzels in honey mustard is good, but I guess you can’t serve it as an hors d’oeuvre, at least not in France.

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