More This and That

I’m out of the country across the channel in England, Cornwall to be exact. I hope I can post some photos from there but just in case, I saved some photos from here and there around Paris.

I saw this sweet little cat on top of a car in the Marais. He loved the sun and posing for me.

This frame was put on a wall by the Canal St Martin with a note asking for people to take a photo in front of it and send it in to an email address. I found the grafitti artists on line but couldn’t find any photos taken there.

The Costes Hotel now has a fragrance shop with roses behind water filled circles which made a great photo.

I saw this on the side of a Hausmann style building. Usually there is just the name and date of the architect but in this case there was also the architect tool and a flower which I liked.

There was a pigeon across the courtyard from our bedroom which laid some eggs in a next she and her mate made. She sat on it day and night for the usual 18 days but they never hatched for some reason. I wasn’t looking forward to the noise the birds would have made but I would have liked to have seen the mother feeding them.

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