Cornwall-St Ives

I met a friend in Cornwall and we set out to explore the area. The village of St Ives, where we stayed, was really great.

To get there you have to change trains at St Erth and take a little historic bay line, a ten minute ride.

Here’s a look at the little harbor there. Isn’t the water a wonderful color? I was expecting green water, not turquoise.

This little hill was what was called “The Island” even though it isn’t one. Note the dark gray in the sky. About ten minutes after I took this photo it started raining. We mostly had sun but had some serious wind too, something Cornwall is known for.

This little B&B was called The Norway House. I’m guessing it must have been started by some immigrants from Norway.

Is there anything better than the sun rising over the sea?

3 thoughts to “Cornwall-St Ives”

  1. This looks like a great trip. You should’ve have taken my 19-year-old along! She’s still mad that Prince Harry came to the U.S. while she’s in Europe. Love the sunrise photo

  2. Now I have the nursery rhyme going through my head, and I’m wondering what happened to the seven cats! Lovely pictures.

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