St Michael’s Mount

I didn’t know it before but across the channel from France and its Mont St Michel is the British equivalent, St Michael’s Mount. It was also once a religious place but is now topped by a castle, still privately owned but now a National Trust property.

Here is a photo(of a poster) of what is looks like from above. It’s one of those places that can only be reached by boat once the tide comes in. You can approach it from a causeway when the tide is down.

My photo taken from the shore on a misty day into the sun so I couldn’t get a clear shot. We were there on a beautiful sunny day and walked to the island on the path.

The castle on the top reached after a bit of a climb.

A look at the causeway down below.

On the way up you pass a giant stone that they call the Giant’s Heart but they also had this little heart in the pavement as well.

I took quite a few photos inside but here is just one from inside.

4 thoughts to “St Michael’s Mount”

  1. We found this site to be incredible once in came into view for us. Right up to the Eiffel Tower, Statute of Liberty, etc etc

    well worth a visit but get their 1st as it get crowded – it is quite an accomplishment to behold

  2. Hi Linda, I’m really enjoying your photos from England. Cornwall always reminds me of Rosamunde Pilcher’s novels…someday I hope to see that amazing place with my own eyes. I did know about Mount Saint Michael and always wondered if there was any connection with the French version somehow….I’ve visited Mont St Michel but not the English one (another hope…) I love that little stone heart!

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