Mousehole is the actual name of a small Cornish village which was fun to walk around. It isn’t pronounced as an American would pronounce it but sort of like “mouzall”.

A look at its tiny harbor when the tide is out.

There were several shops there that sold beautiful glass.

Would you look at this cat? Isn’t he or she the cutest thing? Just surveying the world below.

This cute little man came down the street right below the cat and told us that there were 30 cats just on this street alone. Two of them were his. He does videos for Youtube about Mousehole. If you want to see one visit Youtube and look at You can see Mousehole in action.

We went up the hill and bit and saw an bird rescue center. All we saw in the cages were seagulls which are huge, by the way, compared to the ones I’m used to. Some can have a six foot wing span.

Colorful post office there.

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  1. Thanks for these. A long-ago friend used to visit Mousehole on annual trips to the UK, but it was before internet pictures, so great fun to see the town “in person.”

  2. LINDA lovely to have met you during your time in mousehole been viewing your photographs and thought they were axcellent .unfortunately only 29 cats left in the street now .one met a sad end!.got run over by a car .merry xmas //happy new year jack [mousehole]

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