We just briefly saw part of Penzance which I only know of because of the musical from many years ago, The Pirates of Penzance. We only walked down one street really, had dinner at a pub and then caught a bus back to St Ives.

The street was very colorful and flowers were everywhere-which seems to be the case in most of England.

We considered dinner here-loved the sign.

But settled for dinner here. It was full of nautical decorations. My main memory here was of two little girls running around going into dark halls and scaring themselves saying they had seen ghosts. One of the waitresses sneaked up and scared them.

Loved this very English red door.

The cathedral catching the evening sun.

4 thoughts to “Penzance”

  1. Cornwall is one of my most favorite places! I went a few times, and almost every time it was warm and sunny! If I could, I would move there! I hope you get to see Lands End and Tintagel! There is a Men-a-tol somewhere along there too…. and naturally, enjoy some Cornish Pasties! Take a big bite for me!

  2. Love your blog never commented before but just to say they are called windbreakers,those colourful things on the beach! Here in Ireland and England they are needed even during the summer months on the beaches to ward off the cold winds that blow and also for privacy of a sort!Have never been to Cornwall but its on my list having been an avid fan of Poldark in my youth a very successful TV series!

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