The Eden Project

The Eden Project has to be seen to be believed. Gardens, biodomes, sculptures, museum, huge eating spaces-it was full of things to see. It really promotes ecology and saving the earth.

My photo of a poster showing what was there before: a stone quarry.

What you see as you enter the grounds. These domes have tropical gardens on one side, mediterranean on the other.

A scarecrow in one of the vegetable gardens outside.

Outdoor sculpture. This was huge and there was a rope attached to it so you could make it move back and forth.

Inside the tropical plant dome. You can climb the stairs and go to the top for a bird’s eye view. We wanted to do it but didn’t as it was a 45 minute wait.

A sculpture made of technical trash that seems to be covering the world. It was made of TVs, computers, appliances, etc. Amazing how much trash we are all producing.

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