Boscastle and Tintagel

Next on our list (in Cornwall) was Tintagel. On the way we made a stop at Boscastle a little town that was almost totally wiped out by a flash flood a couple of years ago.

One of the side streets there in Boscastle.

Maybe one day I’ll have a model of a ship in my window.

This was the tourist office that got totally destroyed in the flood and rebuilt. There was a film inside someone took from a hill of the whole thing. It was incredible to watch. Twelve people were rescued from the roof of the tourist office by helicopter before it was all over.

Next was Tintagel of King Arthur fame. It’s totally in ruins and it takes a breathless climb uphill to get there but what a view. There was a raging wind when we were there and it rained off and on but I’m glad I got to visit.

The sea crashing down below.

A look back further up the hill.

6 thoughts to “Boscastle and Tintagel”

  1. Great scenery. It looks very rugged and King Arthur-ish. In my first (as yet unpublished) novel, the mother takes her kids to Tintagel. I’ve never been in person, only in my novels.

  2. One of my dreams to visit Tintagel having read every Arthurian novel, “history” and fable I could find. Tintagel is the Holy Grail for us fans.

  3. For anyone who hasn’t seen them, Mary Stewart (earlier a suspense novelist) wrote a series of lovely books on the Arthurian legends. The Last Enchantment and other titles.

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