Lanhydrock Castle

An enthusiastic lady in the tourist office in St Ives told us that a trip out to Lanhydrock Castle was a must so we drove out there. It was in a beautiful setting with gorgeous flowers and the interior of this huge place was fascinating to see.

This photo of the front gives you some idea of the size of this place. I think it had 51 rooms.

Beautifully sculptured trees.

The kitchen was enormous with six separate rooms each for a different preparation-fish, desserts, meats, etc. I love copper and used to want to collect it but don’t want the work of keeping it shiny.

One of the many rooms with the sun shining in.

A nightgown lying on a bed.

This was on a dresser of the lady of the house. One of the volunteers there had been a little girl when the family was still living here. They had nine children. I swear I could smell violets while standing there.

A look outside at some of the pretty flowers.

7 thoughts to “Lanhydrock Castle”

  1. Oh, the photo of the gardens with the sculpted hedges reminded me of something… I wonder if this estate was ever used in the filming of a Jane Austen movie? I’m thinking it may have been used for Sense & Sensibility, the Emma Thompson version. Hmmm, will now be forced (ha!) to go back and watch said film to find out… what torture! (Not)

  2. Looks like a very interesting place to visit…lots of lovely things to look at. Wow, nine children! I can’t imagine. That little perfumed rice powder tin is calling my name. Women used it to lighten their complexions (I just read on G….le)…imagine powdering your face with violet scented powder! Sounds rather nice.

  3. I always love the big kitchens in these old castles. I also covet the copper, but always remind myself that they had legions of “help” to keep things shining. Keeping up my one copper saucepan and kettle cured me of wanting more.

  4. Imagine living there. Waking up every day to such luxury and largesse. Must have been surreal. I can picture a young Elizabeth I looking out that window and wondering when it would be her time. Stunning

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