Penwith Peninsula

There are all sorts of coastal roads in Cornwall and we could have done several but ended up doing the one called the Penwith Peninsula. We had another windy day-the girl giving the weather report said it would be “blowey” and she was right.

Our first stop was a little village called Zennor and in the church there is what is called “The Mermaid Chair”. There have been mermaid sightings in the water around Zennor over the years. Apparently, the church considers a mermaid a sort of symbol of Christ.

All of Cornwall is covered with remains of former tin mines. You can see one far below. We climbed up to look for an ancient ruin which we think we found but the view was the best of all.

One of the tin mine ruins. They always had chimneys which I think means they burned ore to get the tin.

Just a very small section of the Levant Mine which had many chimneys. They mined right by the ocean a mile underground. Thirty one men were killed there when an elevator malfunctioned.

Here is a photo of what it looked like at one time. It was a hard job and most men who worked there didn’t live much past 30.

3 thoughts to “Penwith Peninsula”

  1. Hard to imagine what life was like then. Unions have really changed the world for the better. That coast line is striking. Can’t believe they’d waste it on mining.

  2. I finally am home and able to catch up on your trip to Cornwall. Not knowing very much about this area, it was educational to see your photo’s and read your stories.
    Thank you for sharing you wonderful trip.

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