Land’s End

Continuing driving around the coast of Cornwall we went to Land’s End which is so commercial and so expensive to park that we just kept going. We figured we would be seeing just about the same views from either direction from there.

This was at one of the villages we stopped in-St. Just perhaps? This round building had once held a giant wheel which pulled boats via a rope up to the beach. It now has really nice art work in it.

Crab traps. I only had a crab sandwich once while there but wish I had had a whole one with butter.

A house with a thachted roof. I love how these look.

The last inn in England as you leave, the first one you see when arriving. Land’s End is the furtherst point out in England.

I slowed down of course. My friend said the cat is probably white as they are often deaf. Someone must really love their cat. I was thinking that I would never let my cat go outside if it was deaf-it couldn’t hear cars coming or dogs approaching.

6 thoughts to “Land’s End”

  1. I didn’t even know there was really a place called Land’s End. I just thought it was a catalogue for expensive clothes.
    ps I just ordered a purse on-line from Lollipops. Is that your step-daughter’s store?

  2. This is a totally bizarre list of sights from England. Now you’re going to have to write another book and become a tour guide in England. I agree about the cat. I think mine aren’t smart enough to get out of the way even if they hear a car. They stay in the house.

  3. My cats have a huge fenced in area, over an acre. But I think people in England are more used to just letting them out. Here, you’d have a dead cat pretty quickly between the cars and the coyotes.

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