Minack Theatre

There is a beautiful outdoor theatre right on the ocean cliffs in Cornwall called The Minack. All of the seats are stone and a lot of aerobic climbing is needed to get up and down to explore but it certainly is worth the effort.

From the top looking down.

A side view. I wonder how many performances had to be cancelled due to weather? It was really windy while we were there. I can imagine people sitting there watching a play with their teeth chattering.

Hard to beat the view.

This was the nearby beach which could be seen from the theatre. We climbed down for a closer look.

A dog the same color as the sand. He wasn’t friendly though.

Pounding waves-so dramatic.

8 thoughts to “Minack Theatre”

  1. The theater is spectacular. Choosing a time calm enough for a performance would be a challenge, but it’s perfect for drama.

  2. Incroyable! The view is spectacular. I wonder, though, if the sound of waves crashing would interfere with hearing the dialogue.

  3. Oh-my, breath-taking photos! I imagine people wrapped in cloaks, sitting on cushions, and enjoying rhapsodic entertainment. So happy you shared that beauty!

  4. I was always amazed at the coastal landscape in the UK. It seems so harsh at times, yet amazing where the ocean meets land. Good photos!

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