We next headed to London. My friend had gotten first class tickets for the train at the same price I had paid to go second class when arriving. It was really nice with big roomy seats and free tea. Here are shots taken here and there in London, such a great city.

Lions and crowns on many buildings.

I didn’t go up on this but I bet there is an incredible view.

Soldiers and horses here and there.

We went in here and bought some tea. It’s much less expensive than Mariage Freres. And we found out that Twinnings is pronounce as twine not twin. I’ve always wondered.

Those famous red telephone boxes. I wonder how much longer they will last with digital phones so prevalent?

St Paul’s Cathedral-so beautiful.

We went to the roof top bar in a new nearby shopping mall and had this incredible view.

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  1. Did not realise that there is a roof top bar in this newish mall. Certainly good for a view.

    I recently took a photo of Twinings too but it was a Sunday so closed.

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