The Tower of London

A visit to the Tower of London is always a must if you are in London. It’s a little like Disneyland as it is so perfect and clean without any rides of course.

Love the Beef Eaters. They aren’t sure how they got their name. Prince Albert designed their costumes.

We took a free tour with this man who was very entertaining. They, the Beef Eaters, live on the grounds with their families. They are in the army before they take this post. Sometimes, he told us with horror, he has to wear tights with a special ceremonial costume.

You can see the Tower Bridge from there.

Some more soldiers changing guard there.

One view of part of the complex. Note the flag being whipped by the wind. Every day I ended up carrying my coat so didn’t take it this day and got very chilled in the wind.

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  1. I would so loved to have spent this day with you! Did the jewels in the Tower of London inspire your Christmas wish-list? Perhaps a simple little tiara for the beach condo would work, and something a bit flashier for Paris.

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