Camden Town

There is a funky area of London called Camden Town that is fun to visit. Apparently it is packed on Sundays when the market there is in full swing but we were there on a cold weekday. Many of the shops were open and there were all sorts of places selling food so we could eat whatever caught our fancy. There were many nice things for sale-scarves, jewelry, that sort of thing. There were all sorts of alleys and covered buildings and at times I had the feeling of being in a packed street in India or Mexico.

A look down one alley.

Another view.

There are locks there for the canal.

As you can see here.

We did a canal trip with Jason’s Boats and went under bridges and through tunnels and along really lovely homes, a zoo, an bird aviary and many canal boats parked along the side of the canal used as residences. There was only a path on one side as horses walked along these pulling the boats before gas engines came along. The canals were strictly for industrial use until times changed and now it’s for tourists wanting to travel slowly along the canals and dream of times past. Of course, the boat people had hard lives living in tiny spaces on the boats and getting no education.

Some of the canal boats tied up along the side of the canal as we exit the tunnel.

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  1. Camden is a fascinating place, especially when the market is on …Yes they sell all sorts, you could browse all day šŸ™‚

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