The whole time you have been reading about Cornwall, I have actually been in the States for three weeks visiting family and friends and, in fact, I am now back in Paris. We started off in Lafayette, Louisiana with the friends who we bought our Paris apartment from. The woman, Vaughan, is a true Cajun with all sorts of ties to Louisiana. She and her husband gave us a great tour of Lafayette and New Orleans.

A 500 year old tree in front of the cathedral in Lafayette.

The front of the cathedral.

Vaughan and her husband, Amos, have been professors for years at the college in Lafayette. One of their students was the historian of Avery Island, the home of the famous Tabasco sauce, and he gave us a private, VIP tour of the “island” which is actually not an island but a mound of land. They have found Indian mounds there. There is oil drilling going on and also a salt mine as it is on top of a salt dome that goes down thousands of feet. The family lives on the island and it is very protected. There are three off shoots of the original family and they all receive some money from all that goes on on the island.

Our guide showed us all sorts of historical items having to do with the island and/or tabasco sauce including this guitar which was signed by some famous rock band that I can’t remember the name of-maybe Bon Jovi?

We had very good sandwiches at the deli. We went to the gift store too and bought some tabasco sauce with adobe chilies and some tshirts.

The next day we went on a swamp tour. As you can see the water is full of a plant that is overgrowing everything, taking over. Our boatman was a fun Cajun with a very strong accent who took us out into the water.

There are, as you might expect, alligators in the water. This stuffed one was in the cage there.

A look at the trees there that have been cut off. They were cedar trees. One of Vaughan’s relatives, her grandfather I think, used to take her out with him to harvest them. She is a true Cajun, from the group of Acadians evited by the English from Acadia in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Our boat captain banged on the side of our metal boat and two alligators came out to get the chicken that he threw in the water. It was really interesting and fun out on the water looking at things I have only read about before.

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  1. I love the looks of the swamps and the gators. It reminds me of where my parents live in central Florida.
    Now where are you while you write about Louisiana? Very tricky.

  2. Thanks for the tour of the Louisiana bayou. The French who eventually became the Arcadians came originally, I recently found out, from around the area of western France where your new summer house is. Loudun was a center, and south of there.

  3. You know what? In my next life I want to come back as you. Where to next?

    P.S. That last guy is a real beauty!

  4. Hi Linda, really enjoying your travels. I would love to visit Cornwall, your pictures are beautiful!

    Just a small correction if I may (being from Canada :)). The people evicted from Nova Scotia are called “Acadians” (not ARcadians),and the area in NS and New Brunswick is called Acadia. According to Wikipedia, Arcadia is in Greece – LOL

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