New Orleans

What a rich history New Orleans has. It is still recovering from hurricane Katrina-it may never be a total recovery-but it is still full of life and beauty.

Beads left over on a lamp from the last Mardi Gras celebration.

The beautiful and intriguing French Quarter in the middle of New Orleans should actually be called the Spanish Quarter(in my opinion) as you can see from this sign.

Many balconies in the quarter were decorated, many supporting the football team, the Saints, as well and the college football team, LSU.

The lovely cathedral there with a beautiful park in front of it.

Swamp Man? We were there near Halloween.

There were many psychics there. I found them a little expensive though. I’ll pay maybe $10 or $15 but not $45.

An artist painting in the French Quarter.

The famous Cafe du Monde known for their Beignets.

They are covered with a ton of powdered sugar and are very good. Vaughan showed us a shortcut to get in as there were hundreds of people in line.

4 thoughts to “New Orleans”

  1. Louisiana and New Orleans in particular is perhaps the richest place in the states in terms of culture and history. The place came under Spanish rule shorter than French rule, and I guess Spanish speakers were never as many as the French – hence the French legacy is stronger. That’s my guess anyway. 🙂

  2. A little donut with your powdered sugar? 🙂
    I love New Orleans…well, I was only there once as a sophomore in college for New Year’s Eve…that was fun!!!

  3. I haven’t been to New Orleans since I was a teenager, so thanks for the walk down those streets. The cathedral did not seem to fit the style of New Orleans, but I loved all your pictures. Who wants to go to a psychic sitting along the street. Call me skeptical.

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