Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers. I am once again celebrating this holiday in Paris and having the actual Thanksgiving meal on Saturday since the French people coming work on this day. I made a trip to a store in the Marais called Thanksgiving owned by a couple from Louisiana where you can find things that can be difficult to find in Paris such as cranberries. It’s very expensive from my point of view but everything is imported. I entered with a friend and the store was full of Americans. My friend struck up a conversation with one of the women and my friend asked her why she was in Paris and she said, “I married a Frenchman” and my friend said, “So did I!” and I said, “So did I!” I asked her if she had a blog but she didn’t. An American man asked the difference between condensed milk and evaporated milk and we all told him. He was making pumpkin pie so we directed him to the evaporated milk. It was just a lot of fun in there, sort of like a party. I bought some items for my coming meal.
This video, which I can’t get imbedded for some reason, shows a bit of the trip there and the interior of the store. Just copy and paste at Youtube to see it.

5 thoughts to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Hi Linda .. I have been to the shop Thanksgiving too.. have a few photos, thought it was great to get your items, even though expensive, as you say everything is imported.

  2. Lol what a funny “so did it!”. It cracked me up. šŸ˜€

    I’m sure Americans will feel a sense of home inside the store – with so many things that remind them of their country and the chance to get acquainted with compatriots who happen to come to Paris to live or work.

    Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Linda, hi to your and your husband. Thanks for sharing this interesting store. I can imagine an American in Paris at Thanksgiving feels sort of neglected. At least once a year….this store is very needed. Hopefully they have a good customer base the whole year. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. It is in an American’s blood, no matter where they live. Loved the video a lot. Susan (and still regretting we did not meet in Paris in June) sigh

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Linda! It was lovely to hear your voice on the video…I can imagine what fun it would be to visit that shop and exchange recipes with fellow Americans. The couple from Louisiana who own the store do have a lot to be thankful for too, I’d say, being able to live in Paris as they do! They certainly stock everything possible needed for the traditional dinner.

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