Back in Paris

So, I’m back in Paris. It feels like home now. I got out on a pretty day for some photos of course.

The sunrise as the plane neared Paris. I can usually sleep on planes but just never managed this time. The seats seemed really uncomfortable and my back hurt, I couldn’t get my head in a comfortable position and at one point I dropped my glasses somewhere on the floor and couldn’t find them in the dark so I started worrying about that. I finally found them when the lights came back on next to the seat behind mine. I’ve had jet lag for over a week and don’t know if I will ever sleep well again. That’s just what happens when you travel overseas.

Anyway, not far from Palais Royal I found this fountain all lit up. I’m not sure who decided to make the lights colored but it was pretty.

Beaujolais Nouveau came and went, a day when new wine comes out to sort of give you an idea of how the wine from that year will be. I only sort of like it. I like a light Rhone wine better or a really good Bordeaux but prefer rose most of all. Many people use this day as an excuse to start drinking early in the morning and late into the night.

I saw this pretty autumn decoration up in Montmartre.

5 thoughts to “Back in Paris”

  1. Lovely sunrise picture. Welcome home. On jetlag, I’ve found that if I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, it helps, and I don’t drink caffeine or alcohol while traveling.

  2. Your photos are terrific, no matter which hemisphere. I do not need an excuse to start drinking in the morning, although I don’t most days. I threatened to bring mimosas to our Thanksgiving brunch as a tactic to see if our niece was pregnant or not. I figured she’d abstain if she was pregnant.

  3. I’m just catching up after all of the Thanksgiving festivities. Love all of your photos of New Orleans – they made me want to plan a trip as I haven’t been there for many years. Another trip definitely is in order.

    Hope you’re over your jet-lag by now. I can sympathize because I never sleep on planes – a holdover from my stewardess days.

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