Thanksgiving and the French

We had our Thanksgiving meal on Saturday night since most French aren’t free on Thursdays. I asked each person there what they thought Thanksgiving was and after the meal I asked what food they had liked best. At one point the camera got turned so you see me or the wall and not what I wanted to show. I didn’t show their faces just to keep it anonymous. I used to get depressed each Thanksgiving in Paris as it just wasn’t the same but time rolls on and now it’s fine. It was fun to share the meal with some French friends.

3 thoughts to “Thanksgiving and the French”

  1. This is funny to listen to! Thanksgiving is jam? LOL! or eating at 4pm…the French must think that’s funny. And you…it’s giving thanks for corn and then taking it guys are fun!

  2. You have a lot of polite French people here…….frankly!
    Myself, being in the USA, it is hard to avoid dinner at 4 PM, the ugly sweet potatoes and squash, the pumpkin pie, the thick gravy and…… eating cold because we have to wait until everybody is served. By chance, I adore the übersweet pecan pie…
    Sans rancune, this is what happens when you fall in love with an American

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